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Condition Monitoring in Existing Systems

Are the motors for your hydraulic pumps in working order? Does your CNC machine need refilling with cooling lubricant? Is it currently the right temperature in your storage room? You can now access this information from anywhere at any time. The high-performance technology behind this is quick and easy to retrofit, and does not interfere with operations in your plant.

Enabler for predictive maintenance

Instead of reacting to a failure at a later stage or servicing components on a regular basis, maintenance personnel can now permanently request information on the condition of machines. With effective monitoring, you create the conditions for predictive maintenance. From real-time monitoring to proactive maintenance.

Standalone systems save resources

The retrofit solution from Turck can even be used in industrial plants that do not yet fully support sensor-based condition monitoring. You can easily monitor the condition of your machines in an independent system and send data wirelessly via a proprietary wireless network if required. All the necessary devices are easy to install and set up.

How can this condition data be used?

The short answer: in a variety of ways. Coupling thresholds with a tower light, displaying collected machine data on a central HMI or in the cloud, receiving information about irregularities automatically via SMS or transferring values to a company's own automation environment. 

Find out more about the user-friendly condition monitoring concept for existing systems.

Flexible Brownfield Development

Quick retrofitting

Wireless sensors can be easily installed in the field, often using a magnetic mount. If required, the devices in the DX80 wireless system can also be run on batteries. Not only does this reduce the time required for installation, it also enables operators to place sensors and transmission modules in areas that are difficult to access.

Autonomous systems

Retrofit without interfering with ongoing processes: The condition monitoring system combines sensor technology, wireless transmission and data analysis, and runs autonomously without having any impact on operations in your plant. If required, you can also transfer the values to your own automation environment and view them there.

From a Sensor Signal to Coordinated Maintenance

Want to analyze machine readings locally or send them to your end devices from the cloud? You can — thanks to sensors and wireless technology for condition monitoring

Use data locally

In the machine environment, sensors monitor different parameters such as vibration, temperature, and humidity. By using ultrasound, they can even detect the filling level. Transmission modules of the proprietary DX80 wireless system send this data to an associated gateway. Thanks to the connection to the TX700 HMI control unit, maintenance engineers can view all the condition data in one place. 

An Ethernet connection to the company network opens up even more possibilities, including monitoring via WebVisu, automated e-mail notifications or data integration into your company's automation environment.

The journey to the cloud

The TCG20 gateway can also be used instead of the HMI control unit to process the sensor readings from the field. The gateway encrypts the data and sends it to the cloud via Wi-Fi or the cellular network. Users can choose between a locally hosted (on-premises) solution and a public cloud from which end devices anywhere in the world can retrieve data. 

The gateway is able to carry out decentralized analysis of the data, but data can also be analyzed in the cloud. Turck's industrial cloud allows you to create a personalized dashboard, view past trends, and configure automated emails or SMS messages. The TCG20 gateway also supports the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms.

Whitepaper: Condition Monitoring in Existing Systems

Turck's free white paper provides you with more in-depth information about the possibilities of condition monitoring in brownfield systems. You can also find out more about the different ways of collecting data and how to make best use of this data for your intended purposes.

Real Life Example: Condition Monitoring in Three Applications

Sensors can make the maintenance work considerably easier – thanks to their precision, consistency and versatility. With wireless data transmission and cloud services, condition monitoring gains additional flexibility and efficiency. Three applications illustrate the advantages of the system:

Measuring the vibration levels and temperature in motors

Industrial plants often have a large number of motors, and many of them are in areas that are difficult to access. To ensure that they are alerted to imminent damage as soon as possible, maintenance engineers can attach the QM30VT1 vibration and temperature sensor directly to the engine block using a magnet. The condition data is transmitted across the wireless network and displayed centrally on Turck's TX700 HMI.

Monitoring filling levels in CNC machines

In many cases, workers still have to check the machine themselves to determine the amount of cooling lubricant in a CNC mill. This is often a very laborious task. Turck offers a more practical solution: using a K50UX diffuse mode ultrasonic sensor, the DX80 wireless system and the Turck cloud gateway to collect filling level data from machines in the cloud.

Checking the humidity and temperature in storage rooms

Applications where food is involved are often subject to strict regulations. The M12MFTH temperature and humidity sensor can be connected to a battery-powered DX80 wireless module to continuously monitor and document measurement data in a warehouse. The data from the sensor can be transmitted from hundreds of meters away—first to the DX80 gateway, and then to the cloud thanks to Turck's TCG20 gateway.

More about Technologies and Products

Reliable condition monitoring systems are made possible thanks to key technologies such as wireless signal transmission, IO-Link and Turck's multiprotocol Ethernet for wired solutions – not to mention compatible hardware such as high-performance sensors, fieldbus devices, and wireless systems. Find out more about the technology behind the solutions and about Turck's extensive product range.

Webinar – Easily Retrofit Condition Monitoring

How can the condition of existing machines be monitored automatically? Do you need to reprogram the existing controller? And can you use mobile devices to view the machine condition?

Dr. Bernhard Grimm, Director of Vertical and Product Marketing at Turck, gave answers to these questions in the webinar "Condition Monitoring: How to easily retrofit your machines" on July 16. 

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