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IP67 switches for short clock rates and maximum safety in Industrial Ethernet


Decentralized Data Management in the Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Ethernet forms the backbone of industry 4.0. With digitalization, not only system intelligence but also the data throughput of production networks is increasing. How can processes still remain performant and flexible? How can industrial networks be operated with high availability and at the same time securely?

The manageable IP67 switch TBEN-LE-M2 provides the answers. It achieves maximum security through its integrated firewall, NAT routing and virtual LANs (VLAN). Its GBit high-speed backbone and cut-through forwarding principle for forwarding data frames ensure fast data flow from I/O modules, motors or IP cameras. In robot applications, it shortens clock rates by the fastest link-up times of less than 150 milliseconds.

Thanks to network load monitoring, the user always has an overview of the network load. The integrated broadcast block protects against network overload due to broadcast floods and thus ensures maximum availability. As an IP67 switch, the TBEN-L-SE-M2 considerably reduces the wiring effort, as it can be mounted directly on the machine. With 10 ports in the TBEN-L form factor, the switch is also extremely light and compact, which simplifies installation.  

1. Port-based IP address allocation and multicast for IP cameras | 2. High-speed link-up for fastest tool changes
3. Media redundancy (R)STP for high availability | 4. GBit high-speed backbone for maximum performance

Securely networked and everything in view

With NAT routing, the switch eliminates IP address conflicts during machine integration. The embedded firewall ensures controlled and, above all, secure data exchange. The network load monitoring of the switch helps to detect impending overloads at an early stage.

Best in Class for fast tool changes

In body shop robot applications, the speed of automatic tool changes determines the clock rates and throughput in the application. Thanks to the high-speed link-up technology, the switch supports tool changes with Fast Startup or Quick Connect in less than 150 ms.

VIDEO – Ethernet switch shortens clock rates in car body construction

Robot cells networked at high speed

Ethernet switches guarantee the shortest clock rates, high flexibility and maximum efficiency in car body construction


Ethernet expertise from switch to cable

Turck has been shaping Industrial ethernet since the early days. In addition to switches, the Ethernet portfolio also includes cables and I/O modules. The multiprotocol standard combines three Ethernet protocols Profinet, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP in one firmware: unique worldwide.

TBEN-L-SE-M2: Compact, fast, secure

The combination of its features makes the switch unique: 10 ports in the shape of around four 100 g chocolate bars. Two GBit ports supported by cut-through forwarding guarantee the fastest data throughput. Its firewall, including VLAN and NAT routing, protect against unauthorized access.

Ethernet cables M12-X-coded

The M12-X-coded Ethernet cables are used for the fastest data transfer up to 1 GBit/s. They are therefore ideally suited as the high-speed backbone of your Ethernet network. You will also find M12-D-coded, M8 or RJ45 Ethernet cables in all lengths and combinations.

Turck Multiprotocol: One Standard - Three Protocols

Multiprotocol devices adapt to their network protocol without user intervention: Profinet, Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP. This not only reduces warehousing costs, but also enables parallel access to data for predictive maintenance.

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