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Condition Monitoring – the Forward-looking Strategy for Your New Plant

How does smart maintenance detect faults before it’s too late? By using pre-processed, specifically transmitted condition data — without the need for costly infrastructure expansion. Turck’s condition monitoring solutions for Greenfield projects make this possible, whether it’s multiprotocol Ethernet, ARGEE and IO-Link or cabinet guards and cloud services.

Availability is a key factor in the overall effectiveness of plants. If machines stand idle due to malfunctions, it results in unplanned breaks in production and therefore leads to losses. In order to prevent this, maintenance in the time of industry 4.0 takes advantage of permanent access to sensor data. The benefit: Anomalies caused by creep errors or wear are detected more quickly. This is because either an alarm reaches the responsible employee directly, or because condition data is already incorporated into the predictive maintenance. This means that additional costs for avoidable maintenance operations are just as much a thing of the past as unclear data volumes.

For Good Reason – Efficient and Future-proof

Open Systems From a Single Source

From sensor to the cloud: Implement the entire system of control and condition monitoring with hardware and software solutions from Turck. With just one point of contact, plant planners not only save time, but also benefit from perfectly coordinated components. And what if you want to integrate devices from other manufacturers or send data to your own cloud? Don’t worry! Open interfaces guarantee consistently high system flexibility.

One Infrastructure, Two Data Streams

As important as condition monitoring is for the availability of machines, it should not restrict data transmission or lead to costly expansions. Turck’s answer is to query process and condition data in parallel via the same line. Thanks to multiprotocol Ethernet, status information can be entered into your monitoring system separately. What’s more, intelligent pre-processing reduces this in such a way that networks are not unnecessarily overloaded.

From Sensor Signal to Digital Maintenance Plan

Unusual vibrations in the motor? High temperature in the field device? Foaming in the tank? Risk of exchangeable tools reaching maximum operating hours? 

As soon as status information reaches the IIoT from the sensor in a targeted manner, the status query becomes a digital added value. Find out more about Turck’s versatile system solutions for new plants — irrespective of whether you want to collect data directly on the machine (IP67) or in the control cabinet (IP20).

Utilize additional information
To monitor critical values, a separate sensor for condition monitoring tasks is not usually required. Instead, IO-Link devices provide both process data as well as acyclic device data, i.e. parameters or diagnostics. However, a standard sensor can also provide important additional information using the appropriate fieldbus station. The ARGEE programming environment allows you to easily store conditions and actions — from simple to complex — in Turck’s IP67-Block I/O modules.

Direct route to the IIoT
Turck’s Ethernet-enabled I/O hardware supports three protocols: Profinet, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP. Thanks to this “multilingualism,” I/O systems or block modules can transfer pre-processed condition data to an edge controller via a dedicated protocol – all without interfering with the communication of process data to the controller. From there, depending on the monitoring requirements, the flow of information leads either to the process control system or to a cloud, for example via OPC UA or MQTT.

Control cabinet in view
Temperature rises, high humidity and improperly closed doors are just three examples of causes of risk for control cabinets and their components — some of which are highly sensitive. Users with compact cabinet guards that monitor important values via internal or external sensors take no chances. Turck’s IM18-CCM even sends this data to the IT system via Ethernet.

Webinar: Digital Automation Solutions for Condition Monitoring

Which data should you utilize to get health information about your machine? How do the devices deliver data? You will get answers to these and other questions from Sai Seidel-Sridhavan, Team Leader Turck Training and Product Marketing, in the recorded webinar entitled „Digital Automation Solutions for Condition Monitoring“.

In this 35-minute webinar you will learn:

  • transfering data and getting more information out of it
  • identification and condition data for monitoring health, lifetime and uptime
  • the role of digital interfaces as data sources
  • edge Controller transferring data via OPC UA, MQTT or Multiprotocol Ethernet
  • possibilities of Condition Monitoring with the Turck Automation Suite (TAS)

On the Drawing Board Yesterday — In Practice Today

Whether it’s remote maintenance as a business model or motor control with parallel vibration monitoring, condition monitoring ranges from small on-site solutions to complex cloud systems. Get an impression!


The IM18-CCM reliably protects against unauthorized access and overheating



For worldwide service, Velco relies on remote maintenance via PC or smartphone



I/O module transmits control data as well as information from a vibration sensor


One-stop Store: Smart Solutions for your Condition Monitoring System

Find the right components for holistic condition monitoring — from sensor to data processing to visualization

Edge controller with Codesys

Control small to medium-sized applications and transfer pre-processed data into SCADA, MES or clouds — with compact PLCs and Ethernet gateways in IP67 and IP20. Multiprotocol-capable and programmable via CODESYS.

I/O modules with logical control function

All I/O modules with Turck multiprotocol Ethernet have the ability not only to use logical control but also to query and pre-process sensor data. Use the HTML5 or JavaScript-based ARGEE interface.

IO-Link products

As a supplier of process and device data, IO-Link is an important precursor for condition monitoring. As a full provider of both the device and the master side, Turck guarantees easy integration of IO-Link devices into the control environment.

Cloud solutions

Optimized for industrial use, the Turck cloud solution offers application-specific services. Alternatively, data can be transferred to other clouds such as MS Azure or AWS. Find gateways with encrypted communication and learn more about flexible monitoring.

Cabinet guard

By means of three on-board sensors, Turck’s 12 mm or 18 mm narrow cabinet guards monitor temperature, humidity and door clearance. The IM18-CCM with open Linux platform also allows the connection of external sensors and transfers measured values to the IT system via Ethernet.


HMI devices are used if, in addition to the controller and command input, condition information is also to be visualized directly on the machine. The TX100, 500 and 700 series not only boast a wide range of interfaces, but also come equipped with PLC functions.

Key technologies and benefits

Deepen your knowledge of the condition monitoring of machines and plants. Which technologies simplify the process of querying sensor data — and what does the digital shadow mean in the context of industry 4.0?

Retrofit existing plants

A retrofit places particular demands on condition monitoring but, generally speaking, existing systems should remain unaffected. To provide easy access to hard-to-reach measuring points on machines, Turck’s solution also offers wireless connections and autonomous processes.

Tell Us About Your Project

For an ambitious project you need the right partner. Contact our experts and obtain personal advice on condition monitoring. We look forward to your hearing from you!

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