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Whatever the mobility of the future may be, Turck smart automation solutions ensure efficient and flexible production.


Vehicles with alternative drive types are revolutionizing global mobility — Turck automates their production

Battery-powered electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles (New Energy Vehicles or NEV for short) are bringing about a profound change in the automotive industry. With customization, lightweight construction and modularization also becoming important topics, this new reality requires flexible production concepts and smart automation. 

For over 50 years, Turck has been driving innovation in automation, also in automotive production. We know the standards and the unwritten rules of this industry. Our Project Management team always has everything under control. Our Sales department knows the automotive world, knows the pain points and always follows the best decision-making paths.

Automotive 4.0 poses a number of challenges to manufacturers and suppliers. Overcome these challenges with a partner who has been shaping the automation of automotive production for many decades. We have always found creative solutions for the automation of the future.

Smart Production for any Platform

As an OEM or Tier X supplier, you are always in safe hands with a partner whose solutions can be found in all sectors of the automotive industry worldwide — from conventional combustion engines to hydrogen and electric drives.

Conventional Platform

The classic platform is designed for internal combustion engines including the exhaust system. These platforms can also accommodate electric drives but the architecture remains unchanged. Many automation solutions for classic combustion engines can be transferred to alternative drive concepts. 

Multi-Energy Platform

These platforms are designed to accommodate both conventional combustion drives as well as hybrid, electric or hydrogen drives. The production system must be able to cover the different drive types while still maintaining efficiency and availability. 

Battery-Powered Vehicles

These platforms are specifically tailored to the requirements of battery-powered vehicles. Skateboard architecture allows large battery packs to be installed in the underbody and increases the available space while the external dimensions remain the same. Turck also provides specialized solutions for manufacturing batteries.

Turck Knows the Automotive World!

Whether in sales, project management, support, development or production: we have experts who speak your language all over the world .

Project Management

Project Management

  • Our global claim management team knows what to do, even in critical project phases
  • Local contacts are available worldwide before, during and after project completion 
  • Turck products are included in the relevant manufacturer lists
  • Extensive knowledge of procedures and processes
  • Project experience is integrated into product optimization and further development 


  • On-site contacts for the automotive industry —all over the world 
  • National automotive experts and key account managers advise industry customers
  • The International Automotive Team ensures that all knowledge is transferred and coordinated in global projects 
  • Automotive teams use their expertise to accelerate problem solving and internal knowledge transfer
  • The industry experts’ many years of experience allows them to develop more suitable solutions faster
Support and Service

Support and Service

  • Teams of application engineers develop programs and other solutions for and with customers. They can also provide commissioning support if needed 
  • If faults occur, the team will assist in troubleshooting and resolving the issue
  • Open to ideas for optimizing and developing specific solutions and adaptations


  • Turck manufactures at six locations across Europe, Asia, North America and Central America.
  • 70% of regional demand is covered by local production plants
  • Local production means short delivery times
  • It is therefore easier to meet specific requirements

NEVer Compromise: The Next Level of Automation


Identification solutions for flexibility up to batch size 1

Smart production environments can produce unique products at conveyor-belt speed. Identification solutions from Turck help overcome the complexity of fluid production methods. With our in-house system integrator Turck Vilant Systems, we are the only automation partner on the market that knows, understands and can therefore solve the challenges of production systems and logistics systems alike.


On course for cabinet-free automation 

Just like modern vehicle architectures, modern production concepts also benefit from modular concepts. Well-thought-out modularization requires decentralized automation solutions to be integral parts of a machine, instead of being in a separate control cabinet. Our IP67 solutions not only reduce the complexity and cost of wiring and assembly, they also create freedom to flexibly combine autonomous units, including identification, I/O, network, control and safety units.


Transparency from the shop floor to smartphone

Benefit from the global plant transparency provided by Turck Cloud Solutions. Provide your customers with convenient service functions for remote maintenance, analysis or predictive maintenance — or simply shift to usage-based billing or leasing models. Turck Cloud Solutions allow data to be preprocessed directly in the field so only the relevant data is sent to the cloud — data minimization by design. Encrypted proprietary protocols or optional private cloud systems on your in-house servers provide you with the highest level of security.

Webinar: Decentralized Automation in the Automotive Industry

How do decentralized solutions help to reduce commissioning times? Why is modularization the answer to the challenges facing automobile production?

Aurel Buda, Head of Product Management Factory Automation Systems, gave answers to these questions and more in a webinar.

Find out how one manufacturer has improved the reliability of its conveyor system by using IP67 PLCs or how decentralized safety controllers enable quick offline testing for tier suppliers.

The Proof Is in the Production Lines

Practical examples for smart automation from the automotive industry

RFID Bus Mode Ensures Quality of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Bus mode solution combines high data transmission with low cost per read/write position


Laser Sensor Detects Shiny Cylinders in Battery Production

Decentralized signal processing on the I/O module enables error detection in 10 milliseconds at the highest process speeds



Turck's IP67 PLCs provide decentralized control for conveyor system modules used by Krups for e-mobility battery production



The TBPN processes safe, standard and IO-Link signals directly on the manipulator's vacuum gripper



AWL-Techniek opts for scalable safety technology directly integrated into its machine modules. This is implemented using Turck's IP67 IO-Link and safety I/O concept



IO-Link-compatible PS+ and TS+ pressure and temperature sensors ensure even flow characteristics for adhesives



IP67 switches reduce wiring and cycle times in tool change applications



Automated guided vehicles made by Movexx navigate using Turck RFID technology and decentralized control technology with CODESYS programming


From Shop Floor to ERP: End-to-end IIoT Infrastructure Connects OT with IT

With products at all levels of the automation matrix, we are able to design holistic solutions. Open standards, scalable systems and data access down to the smallest sensor bring transparency and intelligence to your production — cyber-secure even across boundaries between shops and companies.

Products That Bring Performance to the Road

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring sensors detect critical environmental conditions, such as humidity, temperature, and vibrations. And the devices from the CCM product series evaluate the data, using the customer's own programming if required.

Complete M12 Power Portfolio

Our I/O modules for Ethernet (PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT) are equipped with M12 Power supply units as standard. They round off our M12 Power range of junction boxes, connection cables and IP67 power supplies.

Edge Controller and I/O Solutions

Turck provides one of the most diverse ranges of edge controllers, namely  controllers with cloud connections, with or without displays. Our IP20 or IP67 I/O solutions also bring logic to the field, fully replacing the PLC or taking over some of its functionality.

RFID Readers, Read/Write Heads and Interfaces

Turck's identification systems offer suitable solutions to meet all performance, location and distance requirements. Few other automation partners can handle both production and logistics IDs equally well.

Safety Modules with Integrated Safety Controllers

IP67 block I/Os enable safety functions to be implemented without switch cabinets. Safety applications can be tested offline using their safety controller and controlled in a decentralized way during live operation.

Smart Sensors

Turck's inductive proximity switches are considered to be the de facto standard for bodywork construction in the automotive industry. Our encoders, photoelectric sensors and the Fluid+ series of sensors show that this good reputation is well-deserved.

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Digitally designing industrial processes, controlling applications decentrally as required, and making relevant data usable are key topics in our regular Digital Innovation Park updates.

Explore the latest innovations from Turck for Industry 4.0 and IIoT.

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