Quality Assurance on the Gluing Robot

IO-Link-capable PS+ and TS+ pressure and temperature sensors ensure uniform flow behavior of adhesives

When installing vehicle windshields, an adhesive robot with a dispensing head applies adhesive along the outer edge of a windshield. For optimum results, the correct consistency and quantity of the adhesive medium must be ensured at all times. The challenge is to keep the viscosity of the adhesive medium permanently in the optimum range. Here, the temperature and pressure sensors of the Fluid+ family form a cost-effective alternative to flow sensors for viscous media.

Your Benefits

  • High system availability due to robust sensor design
  • More cost-efficient than alternative applications with flow sensors for viscous media
  • Additional data for condition monitoring can be called up via IO-Link

  • PS+ and TS+ monitor temperature and uniform flow behavior of the adhesive medium

  • Adhesive medium is applied around windshield by adhesive robot with metering nozzle

  • Color change of the display for exceeding defined switching points configurable

TS+ sensors ensure optimum flow behavior

The perfect viscosity of the adhesive can be determined by its temperature. If the adhesive medium is too cold, it becomes viscous. If it is too warm, the adhesive will be too thin. To prevent too much or too little adhesive from being applied, the temperature of the adhesive medium must be kept within the ideal range. For this purpose, the drums with adhesive are heated so that after emptying one adhesive drum, the next one is already ready for use in the ideal temperature range. TS+ sensors monitor the temperature and transmit the measured values to the controller via IO-Link. 

PS+ pressure sensors ensure function of the dosing nozzle

In addition to temperature, the pressure applied to the system is crucial for monitoring the application. Unusual pressure changes can indicate a change in the viscosity of the adhesive medium, clogged metering nozzles or kinked supply lines. PS+ pressure sensors with flush diaphragm reliably monitor the pressure here, as no adhesive media can settle and clog the pressure channel.  

Cost-effective alternative to the flow sensor

The solution forms a low-cost alternative to expensive flow sensors that are capable of detecting viscous media. The correct pressure ensures the feed of the adhesive medium, the temperature the optimum flow behavior. If the pressure and temperature values remain within the defined range, the gluing robot applies the right amount of adhesive around the windshield. In this way, the uniform flow behavior of the adhesive medium and thus maximum system availability is ensured by the pressure sensors and temperature sensors of the Fluid+family. 

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