Efficient Monitoring of Cabinets in the Field

The IMX12-CCM signals when limit values are exceeded in the control cabinet

Monitoring the condition of cabinets and other housings in the field can be difficult. Generally, several separate sensors and connections are needed in the housing.

A clever and compact alternative is Turck’s cabinet guard IMX12-CCM. Besides its interface technology, the IMX12-CCM features several sensors in its housing that detect the conditions in the cabinet: one temperature sensor, one humidity sensor, and one sensor that monitors door closure. As soon as the teached threshold value is exceeded, it alarms the command level via a potential free contact.


  • IMX12-CCM protects against plant downtime
  • The device monitors temperature, humidity and closed doors, even in hazardous locations
  • Easy din rail mounting, even in existing cabinets
  • In-depth diagnosis possible via HART

  • The slim cabinet guard IMC12-CCM can be easily retrofitted into existing housings

  • Besides the IMX12-CCM for hazardous locations, Turck also offers the IM12-CCM for safe areas

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