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RFID Read/Write Heads (HF)

User benefit: Wide choice of versatile and reliable HF RFID devices for challenging industrial tasks, including variants for Ex-area or food industry applications (Wash-down, IP69K)

RFID read/write Heads (UHF)

User benefit: Read/write ranges of several meters, optimum integration into applications, and rugged design (IP67) for challenging industrial conditions

Q300 – RFID UHF Reader with Ethernet

User benefit: Simplified installation and maximum application possibilities – direct connection of external antennas, selectable antenna polarization, output power of up to 2W, and  "Power over Ethernet"

RFID Interfaces (HF/UHF)

User benefit: Mixed operation of HF and UHF read/write heads in fully encapsulated modules (IP67/IP69K) or the modular systems BL67 (IP67) and BL 20 (IP20)

RFID Tags (HF)

User benefit: Full product range of HF data carriers for every application – whether under high temperature conditions, in hazardous area, or for on-metal mounting


User benefit: Broad portfolio of maintenance-free UHF tags (data carriers) for applications with higher reading ranges or bulk reading

RFID Handhelds (HF/UHF)

User benefit: Barcode and RFID technology combined in a single device, enabling users not only to read or write RFID tags but also to scan optical barcodes or data matrix codes

RFID Safety Switches

User benefit: Monitoring doors, flaps, and other moving mechanical guards reliably with a tamper-proof system of cascadable, contactless safety sensors

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