Determining the Boom Angle Position

QR24 encoders offer precise position detection, even under high loads

The angular positions of cranes must be transferred reliably and precisely in order to ensure that the stabilizer remains secure for safe maneuvering. The QR24 inductive encoders from Turck are an optimum solution due to their protection class and high-resolution output signals.

The contactless technology of the QR24 sensors enables accurate position detection, even in the event of heavy vibrations and shock. Several output options are available, including analog signals, incremental signals, CANopen and IO-Link.

Your Benefits

  • Inductive angle sensors with analog outputs are used to determine the position of the crane body for the purpose of measuring limit states
  • The compact design and the contactless, non-magnetic operating principle allow the angle sensors to be fitted quickly and easily, ensuring that the angle sensors function reliably on a permanent basis

  • The exact angle of the crane body must be detected in order to measure the load moment limits

  • The contactless Encoder detects the angular position even in harsh environmental conditions

  • The actuator rotates under the aluminum guard ring without contact to the actual sensor

  • The contactless QR24 encoder from Turck

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