Animal and Object Detection on the Combine Harvester

MR15-Q80 radar scanner provides spatial data for collision avoidance and 3D object detection in a single device

In agriculture, heavy industry or on construction sites, mobile equipment requires systems that prevent collisions with other vehicles, buildings, animals or objects. Radar scanners such as Turck's MR15-Q80 provide the best data for this. Unlike LIDAR technology, radars are less sensitive to interference factors such as vibrations, shocks or dust, fog and light reflections. They are mechanically more robust because they do not require mirrors.

Your Benefits

  • Realistic 3D spatial mapping through distance and speed values on three axes 
  • Fewer faults and failures as radar also works in dust, rain and light reflections 
  • Simplified commissioning thanks to real-time visualization of 3D data in TAS 
  • Cost-efficient as one 3D radar scanner can replace several other sensors

  • Objects in the field can cause costly damage to the threshing unit

  • With the opening angle of up to 120 degrees, it detects the area in front of the threshing unit

  • The sensor can also monitor the height of movements in tree lined avenues and under bridges

Identifying animals and objects in the field

As an IP67/IP69K device, Turck's radar scanner can even be mounted on the outside of the combine harvester, and even directly on the threshing unit. In the application example, the sensor is mounted on the threshing unit and directs its detection angle to the field in front of it. With a range of 15 meters and an opening angle of 120 degrees on the horizontal axis, the sensor detects animals, large stones or objects lying in the field. Metals and also bodies reflect radar beams more intensively than wheat. The sensor recognizes this difference and issues a warning. Both opening angles can be set narrower by adjusting the parameters – asymmetrical angles are also possible. Up to six warning radii or three signal fields can be set and assigned to the two switching outputs.

Height control

As Turck's 3D radar scanner also detects horizontal angles of +-50 degrees, it can monitor the area above the driver's cab, for example to ensure safe driving under branches, bridges or tunnels. In other installation scenarios, the sensor data can also be used for blind spot monitoring.

Easier commissioning thanks to TAS

Users can set up to six warning radii and three customer-specific signal spaces for the MR15-Q80 using the TAS commissioning and IIoT software. If foreign objects are to be ignored, the appropriate object filters are set in TAS. The visualizations of the radar data in real time are also very helpful during commissioning. Applications in the field of mobile equipment generally use the radar scanner with the J1939 interface. Alternatively, a variant with an IO-Link output is also available.

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