Advanced Safety Control for Smaller Machines

Compact Safety Controller SC10 is a cost-effective alternative to two or more safety relay modules for tabletop assembly stations

Products designed for safety on a semiautomatic tabletop assembly station need to be actively monitored in order to ensure their reliable performance and that they meet all necessary safety standards. Read more to learn how the SC10 Series safety controller does the job of three safety relay modules in one compact and cost-efficient unit that provides reliable performance in an intuitive and easy-to-use design.

Your Benefits

  • Free safety controller software utilizes an icon-based and drag-and-drop user interface to make commissioning easier and faster
  • Versatile IO capabilities: The SC10 has two dual channel relay outputs with six amps each and has ten inputs, including four inputs that convert to outputs for more efficient terminal use
  • A single device replaces two or more safety relays, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs

  • Tabletop assembly stations must meet specific safety standards to protect operators

  • The compact SC10 series safety controller monitors the performance of multiple devices

  • The controller offers simple programming via drag-and-drop PC configuration

Maintaining Safety on a Tabletop Assembly Station

Electronics manufacturers often use semiautomatic tabletop assembly stations to build their products. However, the movement of those semiautomatic components can present a hazard. To protect operators, an SLC4 safety light curtain was installed at the point where the parts are fed, a rugged safety door with an SI-MAG non-contact safety switch at the service access, and a 30 mm E-Stop button at the front of the machine at each assembly station. Historically, one-function safety relay modules have been placed on smaller machines to interface between the safety components and the machine, allowing the user to safely control the start and stop functions.

Safety Control, Simplified

To make the process more straightforward, each tabletop assembly station’s cabinet is equipped with an SC10 safety unit. The SC10 functions as multiple safety relay modules—all in one device that eliminates the need for dedicated-function safety relay module for each individual safety component. The SC10 presents a cost-effective solution that simplifies wiring for ease of installation and space savings on the DIN rail. 

This safety control module comes with an intuitive, icon-based drag-and-drop user interface that makes adding, removing, or connecting additional units easy. As units are changed within the software, the software provides a suggestion for the best terminal assignment for minimal wiring and efficient terminal usage. This feature, the Automatic Terminal Optimization (ATO), can be used to increase the number of inputs from 10 to 14 to add additional units.  

After the configuration has been set up to meet the user’s needs, the data files can be saved to a SC-XM3 external hard drive. The information on that drive—the setup, network settings, and passwords—can then be loaded on to more SC10 modules by inserting the SC-XM3 into each SC10’s micro USB port. 

One Product, More Capabilities

Machine downtime is an immediate productivity loss. To avoid downtime whenever possible, Industrial Ethernet communication enables two-way communication between Banner’s SC10 and other devices, which allows advanced diagnostic capabilities to diagnose and solve issues. Each unit can be configured for 256 virtual non-safe status outputs and 80 non-safe inputs. This makes it easy to connect more non-safety output devices (like a PLC or indicator light) and input devices (like a manual reset) without cluttering the safety controller with more IO terminals.

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